Learning Outcomes

With my first project using sound , I learned how to convert a file from aif to mp3. Actually, that was quite necessary in order to start a project. One of the things using that I was aware of is that I have bad management when organizing files. I made three folders using the same sound and I had to learn where to best conveniently place them.

As I was doing this project, I would spend more time editing the sound that that it is more clear and natural. I think I did a fairly decent job, but I didn’t do it as clean as I could have. I need to be more detailed so that the interview sounds genuine.

The most challenging part was to edit the gaps of silence because if I edited too much, it wouldn’t seem natural. It was also a bit difficult to copy each file again and rename it, but at the same time it was good management skills to practice.

This project took me about three hours. I interview the person, but had to interview them twice because my recorder does not record at the best quality. Then from them I put all in the information in final cut pro and started editing everything.

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