Scene on campus: Oyster Bake Skip Day

On April 16, Benjamin Underwood as the assistant coordinator of the Thursday University Center weekly events at St. Mary’s University, created an event for students, originally a pub night, Oyster Bake Skip Day. Because classes where cancelled that day, Underwood had the opportunity to expand the event providing free food, live music, a photo booth and games. Underwood mentions that these events have been successful because they’ve brought over 100 students since they first started three semesters ago.

A Day in the Life of Coatlicue Molina


After Spring break, Coatlicue Molina, senior political science major, decides to go back to the gym. She mentioned that it had been weeks since she worked out. In her workout, Molina started with the treadmill for about 20 minutes, then three sets of weights, five sets of donkey kicks in the cable machine, three sets of leg presses and ending with four sets of deadlifts. She mentions that working out and eating healthy is vital to her lifestyle in order to maintain her grades, work and personal relationships.